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4 Lessons Parasailing Taught Me About Writing

This summer I did something I had never done before: parasailing. If you don’t know what it is, basically you’re attached to a parachute, then tethered to a motorboat, which speeds off, hoisting you hundreds of feet in the air. Some people find the idea of this terrifying. As for me, I was intrigued. Was it scary? Nope. Not a bit! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Later, after the exhilaration wore off, it occurred to me that parasailing also applies to my writing life. Here’s are 4 lessons I learned about writing… Read More

3 Reasons Non-Fiction Authors Should Blog. 5 Steps to Become Your Own Best Editor.

If you’re like many writers, getting that first draft down can give you a rush of excitement. The words flow freely, the ideas come at lightning speed, the book seems to be coming together just as you had in your head. But then you read it back and — oh, boy, does it need fixing! The thought of cleaning up the “mess” you created is about as appealing as cleaning out a garage stuffed with a quarter century of accumulated stuff — and just as overwhelming. 5 steps to editing your own writing… Read More