Writing Advice

Mastering the "Write-cation"

You’ve finally settled into a productive writing routine. Your characters have come to life on the page, you’re knees-deep in helpful, stimulating research and you finally think you see your manuscript’s conclusion looming on the horizon. But, there’s one problem: Vacation. That blissful getaway you’ve been planning for months is suddenly more of a roadblock standing between you and finishing your book. But, it’s easier than you think to write while on vacation — or, at least to keep your creativity flowing. 3 tips on how to create your “Write-Cation”… Read More

Getting Unstuck: The Writer's Dilemma

It happens to every writer: your words are flowing along smoothly, your characters are practically writing their own dialogue, your scenes are crackling. Then – WHAM! Everything comes to a screeching halt. Your characters turn mute, your scenes morph into tableaux, and English seems not to be your first — or even your second — language. Your natural impulse may be to think that your ability as a writer may have flown the coop, and that your idea has dried up. But, before you panic, consider this: All writers get stuck from time to time. So, what’s happening? 3 culprits most likely at play… Read More