Writing Advice

41 Wacky Ways to Breathe Life Into A Dying Scene

You’ve been writing a scene in your novel. It’s been going rather well — and then suddenly, it’s like the creativity gods have sent down a curse upon your keyboard. We all know the feeling: your ideas have escaped like bats out of a cave, your mind feels like a stalled engine, and your fingers drag like slugs on your keyboard…okay, I’ll stop with the similes now. But you get my drift. 41 wacky, quick fixes to jump start your scene… Read More

How Poetry Can Help Fiction Writers

The art of story telling through poetry is nothing new. The Greeks told stories both to preserve their culture and entertain, and later generations used oral storytelling often set to music or even told poetically through meter and rhyme. The poem-like format of these stories assured that the tale stayed in both the mind of the speaker and of those in his audience. Here are some specific ways that embracing poetry can improve your storytelling… Read More

How to Write a Novel Without Leaving Your Couch

Feeling guilty about being a couch potato instead of writing your novel? Although I’ve dedicated my life to writing, reading and editing written stories, I can’t help but resist the siren calls of the small screen. I must admit I have to fight against being a total television junkie and for good reason – there are some fantastic shows on TV right now. My favorites are Dexter, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, The Middle, Suits, Shark Tank, and The Nightly News. So, how can you make zoning out in front of the TV productive for you as a novel writer? … Read More