Writing Advice

5 Ways to Find Your Writing Mojo

We all know writer’s block – that infuriating mental wall you hit when your fingertips are frozen on the keyboard. What’s an aspiring writer to do? Try these tricks to get your brain  into writing mode… Read More

4 Ways to Target Your Book's Readers

Many of my author-clients are business entrepreneurs who want to increase their business platform by writing a book. Too often, they start by asking themselves, “What should I write?” when the real question they need to be asking is: “Who am I writing for?” Writing a business book for the wrong audience will at best do nothing to help you grow your business and at worst, could even damage your brand. When you know who your readers are, what their problem is, and what they want, you can write more clearly — and more helpfully. Here are 4 ways to target your book’s readers:… Read More

15 Things Writers Today Should Be Thankful For

I know, I know — for many of you, there are times where it hardly seems the writer’s life is glamorous, much less something to step back and cherish. After all, with all the dramatic shifts occurring in the traditional and self-publishing worlds alike, many aspiring authors are confronting more tough choices and more costly obstacles even after they’ve put in the hard work to produce a polished, well-crafted book. But, hear me out — I believe that today’s writers have more hot opportunities, more sources of inspiration, and more potential to reach a wider audience than writers from eras past. 15 Things Writers Have to be Thankful For… Read More