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How to Craft Anecdotes for a Bestselling Non-Fiction Book

Anecdotes aren’t just for sparkling chitchat at dinner parties. When crafted with an honest eye, a nonfiction anecdote can tether a complex issue to a flesh-and-blood human being, bringing an understanding to readers they wouldn’t obtain otherwise. A book with illuminating anecdotes can even establish an author as an expert. If a non-fiction book doesn’t have anecdotes, it can be a turn off to publishers. Sculpting an enlightening anecdote — or even a helpful one — isn’t easy. Here are 5 laws to abide by when writing anecdotes:… Read More

5 Musts For a Powerful Memoir

Want to know how to write a memoir? It takes a bit more than fishing through your photo albums and diary entries and typing up your life’s story. Crafting a brilliant memoir is a writing feat unto itself; some of the most powerful, engaging, hilarious and heartwarming books out there are memoirs. Yet, there tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding what exactly a memoir is, much less what elements come together to create a good one. Follow these 5 rules for writing a powerful memoir… Read More