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Ho to write an Action Scene

Actions, big and small, mold the path of your novel. But when we hear the word “action,” it’s easy for our minds to go to cinematic extremes. We all know the thrill of an action scene: a high-speed car chase, a sword fight, or a lover’s quarrel ending with possessions hurled in a fit out the window. Not all actions, however, need to be such dramatic displays. Because so many of us associate action with grandiose events, and because actions contain specific movements, beats and layers of meaning, action scenes can be tricky to write. You want to relay a lucid account of what’s happening. You also want to spark an emotional reaction in readers. The most effective action scenes relate the impact of what’s… Read More

4 ways to start strong in 2018

If you start strong strong in the New Year, it will set the pace for you to succeed for the rest of it. Whether you’re pursuing writing as a career or as a hobby, it’s critical to take time to develop craft and set yourself in right mindset. My latest roundup will point you in the right direction and strengthen your resolve to write this year.   5 Ways to Make Time to Write Often what stops up the first-time author from getting published is the simple fact that he has not had time to write his book. We all lead such crazy, busy lives these days it’s a wonder anyone can actually find the time to pursue his or her passion. So where do… Read More

What You Can Learn From Nine Best-Selling Fiction Authors - Carlo Dolci [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

You’re a great writer: a wordsmith, a narrative weaver, a best-selling character alchemist – truly, you are gifted. But even the best of us can take tips from others (the moment that you stop learning is the second at which your creativity turns from an ocean to a desert). Below I have picked out the finest qualities from nine of the best-selling fiction authors of all time. Read on and learn from the masters….   Ernest Hemingway – Brevity The greatest American novelist of them all? Perhaps. But the author with greatest gift for lyrical economy? Absolutely, without question. Hemingway began his writing career in sports journalism and it was clearly instructive; his style allowed no room for ostentatious verbiage or phrasing, and his focus… Read More