The “Get My Novel Submission Accepted” Plan

Get your novel submission accepted.Would your novel submission pass the editor test? As a former editor at Random House, I rejected thousands of novel submissions. I also knew exactly what kind of submission lead to a book that sold.

Many of my fiction authors come to me after their novel submission is rejected. I often wish I could have helped them sharpen their submission before they sent it out. You only get one shot to impress an agent or publisher. Let me help you get to the top of the acceptance pile.

My “Get My Novel Submission Accepted” Plan Will

  • Assess and critique your novel’s query letter
  • Critique your manuscript’s 1- to 2-page synopsis for writing strength, clarity and saleability
  • Critique your manuscript’s first 50 pages, looking at exactly what agents and publishers want to see – and what turns them off.

No matter where you are in the process, this plan will help you craft an enticing novel submission that will impress an agent or publisher. You’ll get a detailed report that looks at the 25 essential attributes of a winning novel submission. You will know how a publishing professional will respond to your work. And you’ll get clear advice  on what to do to give your novel submission its best chances at publishing success.

Stop guessing — and start knowing.

Investment: $697

*After purchasing, email Diane your query letter, synopsis, and 50 page sample of your manuscript.


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