Non-Fiction Author Successes

Featured Book Interview on ABC-TV

Divorced Dads

A prominent academic, Sanford L. Braver, PhD, brought Diane in as a collaborator to help him write a book based on a federally funded study of divorced families. The book, Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths (Tarcher/Putnam), became the subject of a 20/20 report by John Stossel and went on to be used as a legislative tool.


From Unpublished Articles to a Branded Book Series

 Gracious Path Book SeriesDr. Jane N. Geiger, a minister with a thriving pastoral counseling ministry had written hundreds of brief articles over the years to help her clients. She hired Diane to help her shape these one-page pieces into a book. Diane guided her in using her unique style to come up with a branded series of self-help books, The Gracious Path series, which INDI Publishing Group launched in 2010. 


 Sold Out of First Printing and Still Going Strong

 A Nobel Peace Prize-winning physician hired Diane to make his book proposal more reader friendly and marketable. Based on the proposal, New Horizon Press published the book, What’s a Parent to Do? Straight Talk on Drugs and Alcohol by Henry David Abraham, MD. The book sold out of its first printing and is now in its second one.


 From Critically Acclaimed Book to TV Show to Trade Paperback A Hunt for Justice

A retired Special Agent for the US Fish & Wildlife Service had a book idea — a personal story of danger, courage, and justice. Diane helped Lucinda Delaney Schroeder craft a first-rate book proposal, which brought a contract with The Lyons Press. The Discovery Channel picked up the book, A Hunt for Justice: The True Story of a Woman Undercover Wildlife Agent, for an episode of its hit series, Investigations Discovery. After receiving consistently high reviews and selling strong for 4 years, the book has been reprinted as a trade paperback.

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