Achieve Success as a First-Time Author

Diane O’Connell knows how to turn first-time writers into published authors. With 25+ years of publishing experience, Diane knows the publishing world — from the inside out. 

Non-Fiction Authors

Brand your expertise, boost your credibility and attract high-paying clients by writing and publishing a profitable business, how-to or self-help book.

Get the help you need through every stage of the writing and publishing process — from concept to completed, career-defining book.

Fiction Authors

Uncover your book’s hidden potential.  Transform a book that’s “nearly there” to one that will have publishers competing for it.

Diane will help you avoid mistakes that doom first-time writers to the rejection pile — and discover how to unearth your full potential as a writer.

Self-Publish Your Book

Avoid mistakes that will cost you time and money.  Make the right decisions – so you can have a book that makes you proud.

Get your book to the marketplace without worrying about a thing. Diane will personally manage and oversee the production of your book or memoir.