Getting Published

How to Write a Great Query Letter

If you’re a first-time author who wants to get published, there is one skill you must master: writing the query letter. If you want to nail down a traditional publishing contract, the query letter will get you in the door. It’s what you need to get a literary agent, who will shop your manuscript to publishers. If you want a good literary agent, you need to learn how to write a well-crafted query letter. It takes time and practice, but a great query letter is a big first step to publishing success.… Read More

8 Tips On Marketing Self-Published Books

Did you know that self-published authors need to handle their own marketing? Write to Sell Your Book author/client Joanne Tombrakos was kind enough to share some of her secrets to self publishing success. I worked with Joanne on editing her novel, The Secrets They Kept, and feel she is a prime example of how self published authors must think like entrepreneurs to ensure their book truly stands out on the marketplace. 8 Tips for Marketing Self-Published Books:… Read More