Getting Published

My Manuscript Got Rejected — Now What?

After months (perhaps years) of devoting yourself to writing your book, you’ve sent it off to an agent or publisher — only to have your manuscript rejected. It’s an awful, humiliating feeling. No doubt you’re questioning, “Was all of that work I did, the hours I sacrificed, the money I poured into writing classes or workshops pointless?” Many published, notable authors have been in the exact same place that you are now. The key to picking yourself up and moving closer toward your goal of publication is in the next steps you take right now. 3 Steps to Rejection Recovery:… Read More

5 Little Writing Errors That Instantly Turn Off Publishers

I love to think “big picture.” Especially when building a novel from the ground up, I really like solidifying the overarching themes and understanding the story’s entire Diane O’Connell Yet, as dazzling as your plot twists are, or as transformative as your main character’s arc may be, any author who’s worked with me knows it’s also essential to think small. Specifically: if you don’t pay close attention to those little mechanical elements in your writing, you better believe a publisher will raise an eyebrow – or will even toss your manuscript into the rejection pile. Here are 5 writing errors that need to be out of your manuscript before sending it to a publisher… Read More

5 Unexpected Book Proposal Mistakes That = Instant Rejection. Decoding the Rejection Letter

Let’s be honest — selling your novel or nonfiction book to a traditional publisher can feel like a bigger hurdle than writing it. Whether you dream of selling your novel at Barnes & Noble, or publishing a nonfiction book to expand your platform, a stellar book proposal is your key to success. Before you send out your book proposal, here are 5  seemingly innocuous details that may end up dooming your book proposal or manuscript to the rejection pile, no matter how many hours you’ve dedicated to its chances for success. 5 things to avoid in your book proposal… Read More