Getting Published

How Agents Really Read Your Novel Submission

“Turning from page one to page two is a gigantic decision for an agent.” — Katherine Sands, Literary Agent In working with authors — often after they’ve received multiple rejection letters — I’ve realized that many of them send their novel submissions out into the publishing world prematurely. They know they have to grab an agent’s attention, but don’t exactly know how. In working as an editor at Random House, part of my job was to accept submissions that sang or reject those that fell flat. I discovered much of what made a submission not grab me had to do with authors not understanding how publishing professionals really read a query letter, synopsis and the first 50 pages — the components that make up a… Read More

3 Unexpected Ways a Book Editor Can Help You

You may be wondering: How can a book editor help me? Many of my authors come to me after they’ve completed a draft of their manuscript—as one would expect. After months (sometimes years) of writing, they know they need a professional book editor to help with bigger issues like making sure their story structure is sound, or smaller issues like sharpening the language. However, I’ve found that so many authors don’t quite understand the complete scope of what a book editor can do for them. A good book editor doesn’t simply just take a draft, make some notes and just turn it over to an author without any deeper interaction. In fact, the role of the book editor is so much more comprehensive. Here are… Read More

Writers: Get Away! (Go on a Writing Retreat)

Now, when I say “Writers: Get Away!” I don’t mean from me! (Anyone who follows me on social media knows I love connecting with fellow writers.) Rather, I believe that writers who truly want to achieve their dream of publishing a book should retreat from their day-to-day routines every once in a while. I do this. Not only do I regularly escape to a lovely cottage in the Berkshires to focus on my authors’ manuscripts, but I also need to spirit away to another environment to really dig into my writing. I just did this to finish up a draft of my book. Getting away from it all let me decompress, laser focus on my project and seize the inspiration I needed. Here are 3… Read More