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Updraft - Was Writing a Book Worth It?

Writing a book is hard. And doing it right is expensive. So today, as I launch the paperback version of my book Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership, seems an appropriate day to assess whether all of the effort and investment has paid off. When I started this project, I made a very conscious decision to go top shelf all the way (which is why I worked with Diane). After all, my target audience is CEOs, executives and business owners and the final product had to appeal to that audience. My expectation wasn’t that I would necessarily break-even on book sales but that just one or two new clients or speaking engagements would make the whole thing worthwhile. I spent a few years in what… Read More

self-publishing writing books word cloud

Too often, I receive queries from authors who have opted into self-publishing their first book, only to see that they have made a huge mistake in the way they have gone about it. Here’s one recent email I received that shows just how easy it is to make a decision that may adversely affect your career as an author:… Read More

How to Write a Novel Synopsis

You’ve finished your novel and are ready to shop it out to agents and publishers. Besides writing a great query letter, there’s one other key task to complete: Write a novel synopsis. Many beginning authors think of a novel synopsis as a summary of their books. But, when done right, a novel synopsis is like a drop of ocean water; like the drop, which contains all the elements of the ocean itself, the synopsis is an accurate distillation of a novel. The idea of taking the key points of an entire novel and relaying it over just a couple pages can be daunting. Check out my tips to write a novel synopsis that best helps you on your way to publishing success.… Read More