First-Time Authors

Just as there are recipes for making dinner and formulas for mixing drinks, there’s advice for writing great novels. Novels involve a lot of moving and evolving pieces, from the way characters speak and behave to the twists and turns of your plot. Here are some quick tips and great advice for sharpening your storytelling skills. Character Tips To make your characters really compelling, put them on the therapist’s couch and ask them about their deepest, darkest secrets.… Read More

Like many independent book editors, I usually work alone. But, I do have two secret weapons: my cat, Mozart (who recently inspired another blog post), and my rescued golden retriever, Harpo. I admit, they aren’t always the most helpful of companions, particularly around feeding time. In fact, I used to worry that Harpo — who gobbles anything in reach (including office supplies), leaps on us whenever we enter a room, chases the poor cat, or snatches any shoes left by the door — would be a giant distraction from my work. But, over time, Harpo’s sunny personality proved to be a wonderful source of writing inspiration. Here are 6 things my dog taught me about writing:… Read More

3 Ways to Discover Your Brilliance As a Writer

Do you find yourself going off in all kinds of different directions in your writing? The problem may not be with your focus or your writing ability. It may be that you simply haven’t tapped into your own brilliance just yet. Many of our best authors are known because of their brilliance in a particular area — for instance, no one could write an addictive spy thriller better than the late great Tom Clancy. Malcolm Gladwell can connect seemingly disparate events in refreshing new ways. And, David Sedaris has a knack for finding the hilarity in the tragic. What about you? Where do your unique strengths as a writer lie? Here are 3 Ways to Tap into Your Own Brilliance:… Read More