Fiction Author Successes

First-time Author Gets a $500,000 Book Deal

The Darker SideCody McFadyen had never been published. But he had great talent and a promising manuscript. After working with Diane as his editor, he got an agent and received a $500,000 book deal from Bantam. His first book, Shadow Man, became an international bestseller. His fourth book in this bestselling series, Abandoned, has just been published.


An Amazon Kindle Bestseller

Lost Relic of The GodsA former private eye and 32nd top-degree Mason had a riveting story of conspiracy, mystery, shadow governments, and intrigue. While he had the facts, skills, and characters he needed to write, nothing was working. Diane worked with him to pull it all together for timely success. Through a series of programmed consultations and editing sessions, Jeffrey A. Friedberg was able bring Lost Relic of The Gods to a top 10-20 Amazon Kindle ranking.


USA Today Rave Review

My Life in LoubiesFirst-time novelist Erica Negi wanted to publish her chick-lit tale, My Life in Loubies. Diane helped her to deepen her characters and sharpen her plot points. The results paid off in a book that has a loyal fan base and has garnered great reviews, including being a recommended read in USA Today, which called the book  “pretty great.”


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