Fiction Advice

Is Your Research Showing? 4 Ways to Know

When reading a work of historical fiction, details like the kind of fabric a court jester wore to the actual streets your protagonist would have walked down can pull readers into your story — making them feel like they are really in your characters’ world. But, sometimes an author’s enchantment with these tidbits of history can end up smothering a novel with facts. Soon, the story begins to feel more like a museum tour. How do you know what research should end up in your final draft — and what should stay in your notebook? Here are 4 steps to trimming your research… Read More

Mastering the "Write-cation"

You’ve finally settled into a productive writing routine. Your characters have come to life on the page, you’re knees-deep in helpful, stimulating research and you finally think you see your manuscript’s conclusion looming on the horizon. But, there’s one problem: Vacation. That blissful getaway you’ve been planning for months is suddenly more of a roadblock standing between you and finishing your book. But, it’s easier than you think to write while on vacation — or, at least to keep your creativity flowing. 3 tips on how to create your “Write-Cation”… Read More

The Curse of the First-Time Author: Ugly Drafts

Has this ever happened to you? You’re a first-time author with an idea for a story, a book, an article, a blog post, and in your head it sounds perfect. All your ideas come to you with lightning speed. You’ve really hit on something! Not wanting to let the idea get cold, you rush to type the brilliant sentences filling your brain. You write and write, only to discover that what came out on the page is awful — truly horrible — something a third grader would be ashamed of. So what happened between the brilliant idea in your head and the clunky prose laying like road kill on your page?… Read More