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How One Author Used Kickstarter to Break Ground

So often in working with authors, one of the most frustrating hurdles I see them struggling to clear is simply having the resources needed to produce a high quality book. Karin Blythe, author of the upcoming Monkey Brains books series and a Write to Sell Your Book author, started her journey with $0. Here’s how Karin used Kickstarter to fund her book:… Read More

8 Tips On Marketing Self-Published Books

Did you know that self-published authors need to handle their own marketing? Write to Sell Your Book author/client Joanne Tombrakos was kind enough to share some of her secrets to self publishing success. I worked with Joanne on editing her novel, The Secrets They Kept, and feel she is a prime example of how self published authors must think like entrepreneurs to ensure their book truly stands out on the marketplace. 8 Tips for Marketing Self-Published Books:… Read More

Speaking with Dr. Jane N. Geiger

Dr. Jane N. Geiger is a renowned counselor who for two decades has coached thousands of men and women, including CEO’s & CFO’s. She has created a non-profit organization, The Writer’s Cup of Grace and is the author of the Gracious Path branded series of self-help books. The books — at this writing there are three in the series, with more planned — are designed as “a stack of one-pagers” in the author’s words.… Read More