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New England

My wife, Sharman, and I recently traveled north to New England for a three-day writer’s retreat that was held in the idyllic town of Lenox, Massachusetts. Our drive from home led us up the Hudson Valley and into the Berkshire Mountains where the trees displayed an extravaganza of fall color. Our road ended at a beautifully restored, 130-year-old mansion that now serves as an inn. It was the perfect setting for a writing retreat. Designed to improve our skills as novelists, the workshop provided us techniques to organize our massive stories into small, workable parts. During our sessions, we worked on defining the protagonist’s big problem, creating characters with depth and building the story foundation. This was all invaluable information designed to help us craft… Read More

Updraft - Was Writing a Book Worth It?

Writing a book is hard. And doing it right is expensive. So today, as I launch the paperback version of my book Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership, seems an appropriate day to assess whether all of the effort and investment has paid off. When I started this project, I made a very conscious decision to go top shelf all the way (which is why I worked with Diane). After all, my target audience is CEOs, executives and business owners and the final product had to appeal to that audience. My expectation wasn’t that I would necessarily break-even on book sales but that just one or two new clients or speaking engagements would make the whole thing worthwhile. I spent a few years in what… Read More

One Key Turning Point for Authors

Many authors share the same daydream while slogging at day jobs: someday I’m going to write that novel. For me, hitting 50 meant it was time to get serious. I’d done NaNoWriMo three years in a row and written three 50,000-word skeleton mystery novels. But they needed some meat on their bones. I knew they weren’t ready for prime time but I didn’t know how to get there. I read lots of how-to books but the reality remained, I was stuck. Fate intervened in the form of fellow author and neighbor Richard Guimond, who introduced me to his editor, Diane O’Connell. She was hosting a Writer’s Retreat soon after I met her, and after reading a sample of my work, invited me to attend. I… Read More