Meet Diane

Diane1SmGuiding unpublished writers to successful careers has always been my mission — especially during my years as an editor at Random House.

After 12 years working as a staff editor at various publishing houses and magazines, I ventured out on my own, writing over 200 magazine articles to national publications, and authoring five books.

I know what it’s like on both sides of the editor’s desk. I know what editors look for, and I understand the passion that drives authors, their desire to follow their dreams, and their determination to create their own publishing destiny. That’s why I founded Write to Sell Your Book:  to turn unpublished writers into successful published authors.

Over my 25+ years in publishing, I have nurtured the careers of numerous first-time writers, some of whom have become bestselling authors.  I thrive on working with truly committed writers and will push you to be the best writer you can be so that you end up with a book that makes you proud.

Your dream of publishing success is my mission.

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