Our Clients Say…

One of the great things about working with Diane is her obvious love of writing – the whole process, reading, editing, publishing. This combines with her actual experience in the field to give you a tremendous certainty that she speaks the truth. If she says the writing is good, then you know she is not just buttering you up.


The Darker SideIf she says it is not working you know she is probably right – and follows this with invaluable editing guidance delivered in a very positive way.


I never ended up feeling bad about the weak sections of the book; instead I ended up understanding why they didn’t work, and felt encouraged and confident fixing them up. Diane stuck with me on this for three years. She never made me feel like I was an annoyance, and kept telling me to stick with it. She is the real deal. I can state categorically that my first novel would never have been published without Diane.
– Cody McFadyen, author of the international bestsellers Abandoned, The Darker Side, The Face of Death and Shadow Man (Bantam)


Silent SourceWhen I first sat down with Diane O’Connell, I knew that I was in the hands not just of a terrific teacher, but a caring mentor. Diane exudes confidence as she shares with you the complex art of writing, a self-assurance that gradually spills over to you.  She is a master of this fine art, from plotting to characterization, dialogue, theme . . . the whole shebang.  She wrenches out of you your best; challenges you with every page you write, every character you put forth. The struggling writer is always the better for it. Thank you, Diane, for how you jump-started my writing career and gave me the confidence to soar!
– James Marshall Smith author of the award-winning thriller, Silent Source (Stealth Books)


Case for the Only Child Want to sell your book? You need Diane O’Connell. I have worked with many editors, but no one gets your idea or manuscript in shape and ready to be scooped up by a publisher as well as she can. Diane has fresh ideas, excellent insight, and knows the market inside out.  You can’t ask for more in terms of dedication, professionalism, and caring.  The bonus: Diane is delightful to work with.
– Susan Newman, PhD., author of The Case for the Only Child  (Health Communications, Inc.)


Black StormCropWhen I think about all the elements of publishing a book professionally, it boggles my mind. That one person could be accomplished in character development, plot structure, editing, and have an eye for design is remarkable. Yet, without question, Diane O’Connell has all the talent that is needed to make this happen and bring your book to market.

Diane is much more than an editor. She is also a teacher, a motivator, and a pleasure to work with. Possessing the patience and perspective to work with first-time authors is a gift, a gift that I have happily received. Thank you, Diane, for guiding me through the process. — Bill Rowe, author of The Black Storm at Elingale (Imagine It!)


UpdraftSaying Diane O’Connell is a brilliant editor doesn’t come close to describing the impact she has. I admit it—I was disappointed that my original manuscript wasn’t the best thing she ever read, but her insights and observations were right on target and she seemed to intuitively understand what I was trying to accomplish. Not only did Diane help me find my voice as an author, but her feedback challenged me to develop and focus my message until it became worthy of publishing. And, she’s a joy to work with. — Jacquelyn S. Freedman, author of Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership (Station Square Media)


Diane O’Connell has served as my trusted editor and wise teacher as this book went from raw manuscript into book form.  I can’t thank her enough for effectively challenging me to pull even more clarity out of my thoughts, for ensuring that I remain true to the aim and intention behind this work and for guiding me through this new experience.  Throughout it all, she has always treated me with such a warm and gentle touch.  It would have been so easy for someone else to say something like “Are you kidding? How green are you at this?” but Diane has never taken the bait.  And I think I threw some pretty nice bait out there!  Thank you for the many wonderful discussions about the subject matter within Naked Civics and thank you for giving this project your all.  I am eternally grateful.
Nate Garvis, author of Naked Civics


Painter of Time Cover_FinalI owe special thanks to my editor, Diane O’Connell (no relation), who has helped me develop as a writer and taught me to understand the real craft of writing. Her straightforward feedback and ideas were and are invaluable to me. — Matthew O’Connell, author of The Painter of Time (Station Square Media)


Kathy Bertone, author of The Art of the Visit (Running Press)


Without the incisive eye of Diane O’Connell, this book would not have come to fruition. Thank you, Diane, for helping me find my voice, develop my ideas, and expand my competence as a writer. Your superpower is working with first-time authors and it is my super good fortune to have worked with you!

Executive Editor Cristina Schreil provided essential research and writing assistance. Cristina, thank you for helping me flesh out my ideas and for your saint-like patience with my slow learning curve on Microsoft Word. You were there when I needed help, and this book is so much better because of your contributions.

Nancy Rose, author of Raise the Child You’ve Got — Not the One You Want (Braeside Press)


51NWrCKM-PL-1Thank you to my editor, Diane O’Connell, whose sensitive and expert advice enabled me to improve while leaving whole this healing story that poured forth during the year after the boys died. I appreciate your assistance and the assistance of your talented publication staff. You helped me to show readers our sons as they were, and as they will remain in our minds forever. — Deanna Emberley Bailey, author of Crossing the Horizon (Shaker Mountain Publishing)


Never Ending Swell

A big thank you to the editorial team of Write to Sell Your Book: Brianna Flaherty, whose keen insights and suggestions made for a stronger story; and Diane O’Connell, who calmly and expertly guided me through the entire publishing process of this book. — Timothy Burgess, author of The Never-Ending Swell (Station Square Media)


my-life-in-loubiesIt has been a pleasure working with Diane!  She challenged me to see beyond the words on a page and into the eyes of my characters. Every step of the way, she was always there for me and provided helpful and honest insight. I feel honored to have worked with her.
– Erica Negi, author of My Life in Loubies (Crane Lake)


Gracious Path Book SeriesThank you, Diane O’Connell, for your guidance, humor, vision, drive for excellence, and for partnering with me as this project grew from nothing to something. Without your faith and courage to risk on the nothing, we would not have created anything.
Your particular gift for working with first-time authors reminds me of every great coach I’ve ever had. They expected a lot, pushed hard, continued to expect more than I ever thought I had in me, and sometimes pushed so hard in the southern heat that several of us on the team threw up. This has been better. I do not recall throwing up a single time, nor do I recall having to sit out and recover. Your finesse keeps a tired, new author strong, and in the game. Thanks for your gracious balance of kindness and courage.
– Dr. Jane G. Victor, author Moving Past Money Pain: The Gracious Path to Overcoming Financial Distress and Loss (INDI Publishing Group)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] went to Diane for help on a book proposal and got more than I asked for. Not only did she help me with the proposal that sold my book, she found me a wonderful agent! Diane O’Connell is patient, professional and her insight into the publishing world is invaluable.

– Lucinda D. Schroeder, author of A Hunt for Justice: The True Story of a Woman Undercover Wildlife Agent (The Lyons Press)