Where do you get your ideas? Recently, I received an email from a fiction writer who was nearing completion of her first novel and wanted to know how to generate a list of ideas for future stories. I’d like to start by saying that I applaud this writer for thinking ahead. It is always best to have a bunch of ideas waiting to be written when you have finished your most recent manuscript. But how do you find ideas? And how do you know which are worthy of spending your time on? First, it helps to know that there is no magical formula for generating ideas.   With that said, here are 6 suggestions on how to generate ideas for your story that have worked… Read More

How to Let Your Travels Help Your Writing

The notion of writing while traveling is a beautiful thing. Picture it: You’re writing your novel. But, instead of toiling away at your cluttered writing desk as usual, you’re on a beach on Maui, ocean breezes wafting over you as you ponder your draft over a piña colada. But, in reality, writing while traveling isn’t always as lovely. While a new adventure can be an excellent way to stimulate your writing mind and enrich your writing life, finding time to focus amid lost luggage,  jet lag and must-see sights can be frustrating. Consider these tips below, from someone who’s been there. 3 ways to let your travels help your writing:… Read More

Like many independent book editors, I usually work alone. But, I do have two secret weapons: my cat, Mozart (who recently inspired another blog post), and my rescued golden retriever, Harpo. I admit, they aren’t always the most helpful of companions, particularly around feeding time. In fact, I used to worry that Harpo — who gobbles anything in reach (including office supplies), leaps on us whenever we enter a room, chases the poor cat, or snatches any shoes left by the door — would be a giant distraction from my work. But, over time, Harpo’s sunny personality proved to be a wonderful source of writing inspiration. Here are 6 things my dog taught me about writing:… Read More