Stop Writing Now! 5 Ways Taking a Break Is Good For Your Writing

Sometimes as writers, we feel guilty if we’re not producing a certain number of words a day. It’s so easy to fall into the routine of writing, writing, writing, that we almost get too close to our work, adopting troubling “tunnel vision” and depleting our energies. Every once in a while, it’s important to step away from the usual writing routine; changing gears can give your brain a rest, allow ideas to germinate, and encourage the “writer’s mind” to recharge. Here are 5 non-writing activities that may actually benefit your writing:… Read More

5 Ways to Find Your Writing Mojo

We all know writer’s block – that infuriating mental wall you hit when your fingertips are frozen on the keyboard. What’s an aspiring writer to do? Try these tricks to get your brain  into writing mode… Read More

41 Wacky Ways to Breathe Life Into A Dying Scene

You’ve been writing a scene in your novel. It’s been going rather well — and then suddenly, it’s like the creativity gods have sent down a curse upon your keyboard. We all know the feeling: your ideas have escaped like bats out of a cave, your mind feels like a stalled engine, and your fingers drag like slugs on your keyboard…okay, I’ll stop with the similes now. But you get my drift. 41 wacky, quick fixes to jump start your scene… Read More