How to Let Your Travels Help Your Writing

The notion of writing while traveling is a beautiful thing. Picture it: You’re writing your novel. But, instead of toiling away at your cluttered writing desk as usual, you’re on a beach on Maui, ocean breezes wafting over you as you ponder your draft over a piña colada. But, in reality, writing while traveling isn’t always as lovely. While a new adventure can be an excellent way to stimulate your writing mind and enrich your writing life, finding time to focus amid lost luggage,  jet lag and must-see sights can be frustrating. Consider these tips below, from someone who’s been there. 3 ways to let your travels help your writing:… Read More

4 Lessons Parasailing Taught Me About Writing

This summer I did something I had never done before: parasailing. If you don’t know what it is, basically you’re attached to a parachute, then tethered to a motorboat, which speeds off, hoisting you hundreds of feet in the air. Some people find the idea of this terrifying. As for me, I was intrigued. Was it scary? Nope. Not a bit! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Later, after the exhilaration wore off, it occurred to me that parasailing also applies to my writing life. Here’s are 4 lessons I learned about writing… Read More