My Manuscript Got Rejected — Now What?

After months (perhaps years) of devoting yourself to writing your book, you’ve sent it off to an agent or publisher — only to have your manuscript rejected. It’s an awful, humiliating feeling. No doubt you’re questioning, “Was all of that work I did, the hours I sacrificed, the money I poured into writing classes or workshops pointless?” Many published, notable authors have been in the exact same place that you are now. The key to picking yourself up and moving closer toward your goal of publication is in the next steps you take right now. 3 Steps to Rejection Recovery:… Read More

5 Unexpected Book Proposal Mistakes That = Instant Rejection. Decoding the Rejection Letter

It’s a fact of life for all writers who aspire to get published ⎯ you will be rejected. Of course, by you I mean your work, even though it can be hard not to take a rejection letter personally. While the impulse is to toss all rejections in the recycling bin, if you know how to read them right, they can offer you valuable clues to help you get one step closer to getting published. Here are the 6 most common rejection letters, from the “worst” to the “best”… Read More