Where do you get your ideas? Recently, I received an email from a fiction writer who was nearing completion of her first novel and wanted to know how to generate a list of ideas for future stories. I’d like to start by saying that I applaud this writer for thinking ahead. It is always best to have a bunch of ideas waiting to be written when you have finished your most recent manuscript. But how do you find ideas? And how do you know which are worthy of spending your time on? First, it helps to know that there is no magical formula for generating ideas.   With that said, here are 6 suggestions on how to generate ideas for your story that have worked… Read More

3 Ways to Discover Your Brilliance As a Writer

Do you find yourself going off in all kinds of different directions in your writing? The problem may not be with your focus or your writing ability. It may be that you simply haven’t tapped into your own brilliance just yet. Many of our best authors are known because of their brilliance in a particular area — for instance, no one could write an addictive spy thriller better than the late great Tom Clancy. Malcolm Gladwell can connect seemingly disparate events in refreshing new ways. And, David Sedaris has a knack for finding the hilarity in the tragic. What about you? Where do your unique strengths as a writer lie? Here are 3 Ways to Tap into Your Own Brilliance:… Read More

3 Ways to Find Your Writing Groove

Have you long dreamed of finally writing that novel, but are stuck on exactly how to start the process? Especially for first-time writers, it can be overwhelming to actually sit down and start — only to find that it’s more difficult to get words flowing than expected. Here are 3 helpful ways to find your writing groove:… Read More