Create Believable Characters — Using Method Writing

When I was eight years old, I saw a dark and eerie pencil sketch hanging in the study of a relative’s home:  A man holding a test tube with an apparition of a demon staring at him. This visual experience was to have an effect on me later in life, particularly in my discovery of method acting for writers. As a teenager, I once participated in a school storytelling competition. On stage, before an audience of several hundred students, I enacted the tale of a man tormented by his own shadow, a menacing figure with its own personality. To do that, I personified the scary shadow figure while switching roles at times to let both personalities develop conflict. I won the first prize. The idea… Read More

Want to Improve Your Descriptions? Read These 5 Books!

A powerful way to improve your descriptions is to return to the craft — pore over books that paint poetic, captivating or deliciously fresh prose in original ways. It can be a powerful source of inspiration. Of course, there are countless books out there to list, but here are five of my favorites. 5 books that can inspire your descriptions:… Read More

Are You Sabotaging Your Novel? 3 Traps to Avoid

No author deliberately tries to ruin a story, or make it unappealing to publishers. But, I’ve seen writers cling to story or character elements that can derail their success. 3 common traps many first-time authors fall into:… Read More