5 Steps to Clutter-Free Writing

Are you a word hoarder? Recently I’ve become hooked on reality shows such as Hoarders and Peter Walsh’s Enough Already. Now, I’m not a hoarder and though I am constantly battling clutter (aren’t all writers?) it has never reached epic proportions. But, writers often hoard their words, cluttering up their prose with verbiage that either doesn’t serve their story or message, or that actually detracts from their writing. Telling them to let go of their words is like telling a hoarder that she really doesn’t need the fondue pot “just in case.” So how do you stop yourself from becoming the literary equivalent of a crazy cat lady? 5 steps to clear clutter from your writing… Read More

3 Reasons Non-Fiction Authors Should Blog. 5 Steps to Become Your Own Best Editor.

If you’re like many writers, getting that first draft down can give you a rush of excitement. The words flow freely, the ideas come at lightning speed, the book seems to be coming together just as you had in your head. But then you read it back and — oh, boy, does it need fixing! The thought of cleaning up the “mess” you created is about as appealing as cleaning out a garage stuffed with a quarter century of accumulated stuff — and just as overwhelming. 5 steps to editing your own writing… Read More