Opera on Writing

Recently I performed a featured role in an opera production of Puccini’s Suor Angelica. I know. What is a book editor doing singing opera? As it turns out, I’ve been singing all of my life, and had a career in musical theater  before I landed in book publishing and writing. But opera? That’s a whole other ball of wax. After going through this experience, it occurred to me that singing opera was not all that different from writing a book. So here, then, are five lessons learned:… Read More

How to Write a Novel that Sells

By Diane O’Connell Writing a novel is an ambitious undertaking, but an even greater challenge is to write a novel that sells. So how do you make your novel attractive to publishers and readers — even before you’ve written a single word? Read on for five steps to writing a marketable novel.  … Read More

4 Exciting Ways to Describe Food in Writing

When written well, a passage depicting a meal can be mouthwatering for readers. It can also be a useful storytelling technique. When food writing isn’t effective, however, the result can be bland. While food is around us every day, many first-time writers can struggle to capture the nuances of taste, texture or the emotions associated with a meal in their writing.… Read More