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So you’ve published your novel, distributed copies and are reclining back in your chair, awaiting the big fat royalty checks to come in. Then your first month’s check comes in… but only 25 books have sold. Sure, this looks like small potatoes, but selling your book involves doing the one thing that most writer’s dread: marketing. But don’t fret, my five tips to get you started on marketing your novel will pay off in book sales.… Read More

Spring Out of Writer's Block - Write to Sell Your Book - Diane O'Connell - Editor, Publisher, Author

  Spring has sprung and, just as it happens every year, authors are coming out of their winter hibernation and going through a creative renaissance. Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for writers and book editors; as many look ahead to vacation or longer hours for writing, they’re eager to develop that protagonist they’ve been forming in their head for months, finesse their language, or enhance their book’s big vision. But then, reality kicks in. Writing is darn hard work! Whatever stage you’re in, this Writer’s Block First-Aid Kit aims to help you push past those hurdles. Below, find tips on common writing frustrations.… Read More

How to Write a Novel Synopsis

You’ve finished your novel and are ready to shop it out to agents and publishers. Besides writing a great query letter, there’s one other key task to complete: Write a novel synopsis. Many beginning authors think of a novel synopsis as a summary of their books. But, when done right, a novel synopsis is like a drop of ocean water; like the drop, which contains all the elements of the ocean itself, the synopsis is an accurate distillation of a novel. The idea of taking the key points of an entire novel and relaying it over just a couple pages can be daunting. Check out my tips to write a novel synopsis that best helps you on your way to publishing success.… Read More