Best writing Retreat in Nature

Like many beginning writers, you probably don’t know what to imagine when you hear the words “best writing retreat.” Is it a bunch of writers typing away on laptops? Is it a leisurely trip of discussion and instruction? Or, is it isolation from the outside world so you can finish your novel? Part of your confusion may stem from the many kinds of writing retreats. Some are hyper focused on craft. Some offer lots of solo-writing time. Others take a looser, more spiritual approach, aiming to unlock creative thinking. Some unfold like a class, with heavy guidance from instructors. Others balance of all these elements. Figuring out how to choose the right writing retreat can be overwhelming. No matter its style, any worthwhile retreat should… Read More

8 Things Success Authors DON'T Do

The secret to being a successful author may rely more on what you don’t do than what you do. The eight tips below showcase similar behaviors emulated by successful authors. 1. Successful Authors don’t take “No” for an answer. Ask any successful author how many rejections he or she amassed before getting a publishing deal and you’ll get an answer like “too many to count,” or “enough to line my bathroom walls with.” While the impulse is to toss all rejections in the recycling bin, if you know how to read them right, they can offer you valuable clues to help you get one step closer to getting published. This article will help you know how to deal strategically with rejections. 2. They don’t focus… Read More

Character Development Paint a Portrait

I’ve heard from well established authors and novices alike that creating living, breathing characters is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a novel. Whether critical to the plot or to add life into the scenery, my roundup below will help you master character development.   1. Method Writing Write to Sell author Khalid Talib shares his advice on getting into the mind of your characters in this article about method writing.   2. How-To Guide on Creating Character This article will arm you with the three basics on creating characters by focusing on their appearance, backstory and motivations   3. Choose a Brilliant Name One of the most exciting and yet stressful tasks of a writer is to name their characters. Read this article for… Read More