Speaking with Dr. Jane N. Geiger

Dr. Jane N. Geiger is a renowned counselor who for two decades has coached thousands of men and women, including CEO’s & CFO’s. She has created a non-profit organization, The Writer’s Cup of Grace and is the author of the Gracious Path branded series of self-help books. The books — at this writing there are three in the series, with more planned — are designed as “a stack of one-pagers” in the author’s words.… Read More

Don't Get Caught Making These POV Violations

We’ve all been there. You’re driving along in your car while listening to music and mentally going over your grocery list on your way to the supermarket. Next thing you know, a siren overpowers the sound of the radio and you find yourself being pulled over. You were speeding, and you weren’t even aware of it. It’s as easy for a writer to make a critical POV mistake as it is for a driver to drift over the speed limit, and these POV errors can compel an editor or agent to reject what may be an otherwise beautifully crafted story. Here is a list of the Top 10 POV-related mistakes to avoid… Read More

3 Reasons Non-Fiction Authors Should Blog. 5 Steps to Become Your Own Best Editor.

If you’re like many writers, getting that first draft down can give you a rush of excitement. The words flow freely, the ideas come at lightning speed, the book seems to be coming together just as you had in your head. But then you read it back and — oh, boy, does it need fixing! The thought of cleaning up the “mess” you created is about as appealing as cleaning out a garage stuffed with a quarter century of accumulated stuff — and just as overwhelming. 5 steps to editing your own writing… Read More