The 5 Rules of Writing Effective Flashbacks

In my work critiquing manuscripts, one of the biggest mistakes I see first-time authors make is in the use of writing effective flashbacks. Either they’re misplaced, go on too long, or they serve more as a diversion than as a device to advance the storytelling. But used wisely, flashbacks can add richness, emotional resonance, and depth to your novel. 5 Tips in Writing Effective Flashbacks:… Read More

5 Ways to Make Time to Write

Often what stops up the first-time author from getting published is the simple fact that he has not had time to write his book. We all lead such crazy, busy lives these days it’s a wonder anyone can actually find the time to pursue his or her passion. So where do you actually find the time to write? Notice, the title of this blog is making time to write⎯not finding time to write. And that’s the key. You will never find the time. Time will always be elusive, and that which screams the loudest will command your attention. The key to fitting writing into your life is to make it a priority of your life. 5 ways to make time to write… Read More

4 Lessons Parasailing Taught Me About Writing

This summer I did something I had never done before: parasailing. If you don’t know what it is, basically you’re attached to a parachute, then tethered to a motorboat, which speeds off, hoisting you hundreds of feet in the air. Some people find the idea of this terrifying. As for me, I was intrigued. Was it scary? Nope. Not a bit! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Later, after the exhilaration wore off, it occurred to me that parasailing also applies to my writing life. Here’s are 4 lessons I learned about writing… Read More