Getting Unstuck: The Writer's Dilemma

It happens to every writer: your words are flowing along smoothly, your characters are practically writing their own dialogue, your scenes are crackling. Then – WHAM! Everything comes to a screeching halt. Your characters turn mute, your scenes morph into tableaux, and English seems not to be your first — or even your second — language. Your natural impulse may be to think that your ability as a writer may have flown the coop, and that your idea has dried up. But, before you panic, consider this: All writers get stuck from time to time. So, what’s happening? 3 culprits most likely at play… Read More

Too often, writers talk themselves out of achieving their dreams — even before they’ve given themselves a fighting chance at success. Here are 5 Common Writer Excuses (And how to combat them)… Read More

First-Time Book Publishing: Know Your Options

Today’s publishing landscape is totally foreign to what it was even ten years ago. And, first-time book publishing can be an intimidating process. So many first-time authors know that their passion (no matter how zealous) and their skill (no matter how honed) may not be enough for their book to get noticed, much less become a stellar best seller. Everyone’s path to publication is unique. What may work for one author may not work for another. Knowing the ins and outs of your publishing choices will greatly help you determine if your path lies in traditional publishing or self-publishing. Here’s how to know which path is right for you… Read More