5 Lessons My Cat Taught Me About Writing

Who knew that I could make so many connections between my cat and striving for publishing success as a first-time author? Take a cue from Mozart the Cat and you may find you have what it takes to write a bestseller. 5 unexpected things my cat taught me about writing… Read More

Do You Know How to Write a Novel?

Starting to write a novel is easy. Writers have the spark of an idea, a rush of creativity, and the flush of embarking on a new venture.  But then reality kicks in. They realize that writing a novel is darn hard work. What’s wrong? They don’t know how to write a novel. Here, 5 steps you need to write a great novel:… Read More

Mastering the "Write-cation"

You’ve finally settled into a productive writing routine. Your characters have come to life on the page, you’re knees-deep in helpful, stimulating research and you finally think you see your manuscript’s conclusion looming on the horizon. But, there’s one problem: Vacation. That blissful getaway you’ve been planning for months is suddenly more of a roadblock standing between you and finishing your book. But, it’s easier than you think to write while on vacation — or, at least to keep your creativity flowing. 3 tips on how to create your “Write-Cation”… Read More