Character Development Paint a Portrait

I’ve heard from well established authors and novices alike that creating living, breathing characters is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a novel. Whether critical to the plot or to add life into the scenery, my roundup below will help you master character development.


1. Method Writing

Write to Sell author Khalid Talib shares his advice on getting into the mind of your characters in this article about method writing.


2. How-To Guide on Creating Character

This article will arm you with the three basics on creating characters by focusing on their appearance, backstory and motivations


3. Choose a Brilliant Name

One of the most exciting and yet stressful tasks of a writer is to name their characters. Read this article for five tips on how to discover a great moniker.


4. Right Weapon, Right Character

Write to Sell author Lucinda D. Schroeder provides great insight in this article on how to choose the right kind of weapon your character would wield


5. Scary Villains and How to Write Them

International bestseller and Write to Sell author Cody McFadyen imparts his advice in this article on how to write terrifying and evil villains.


Novel-Makers-Book-CoverFor more tips on character development, check out my award-winning book, The Novel-Maker’s Handbook: The No Nonsense Guide to Crafting a Marketable Story.


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