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Recently I wrote a post on how to market your book and received such overwhelming positive response, I decided to focus on how you can market your book even before you’ve finished writing it. My tips below drill down into specific steps you can take now to ensure you have a head start on building sales even while you’re still writing.


Make a list of Potential Readers

I can’t emphasize enough the power of a referral. As you’re writing, keep a running list of all the people you already know, as well as those you meet along the way, who would be interested in reading your book. Be sure to include their contact info. That way, when you’re close to publishing, you will have a ready-made contact list to blast out.

Join Online Writers Groups

There are countless resources online to help support you in the writing process, including to other authors; after all, a strong writer is a strong reader. Be sure to participate and let other members get to know you and what you’re working on. You can also tap these groups for additional marketing tips and share experiences.

Write About Your Process on Social Media

Don’t be discouraged by only a few likes on Facebook or Twitter when sharing your story on Social Media; keep posting about your book, especially before it’s completed. Talk about your challenges, your discoveries, your “ah-ha” moments, your writing day — anything that helps others get to know you as a writer. Be sure also to share your milestones: when you’ve uncovered how your characters develop, when an interesting plot line develops that you didn’t initially plan for, when you’ve started working with an editor, when you’ve begun the query process, when you secure an agent — all the way to getting to the finish line with a published book.

Attend Writing Conferences to Market your Book

Writing conferences — both big and small — offer a great place to meet other authors, gain valuable advice on the writing process, and to meet agents and publishers who may be interested in your work. Be sure to have a pitch ready for your book — even if you’re still writing it.


All in all, when it comes to marketing, be sure to combine your love of writing into spreading the word; after all, you as the author are the brand and your books are products of you.

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