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Spring has sprung and, just as it happens every year, authors are coming out of their winter hibernation and going through a creative renaissance.

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for writers and book editors; as many look ahead to vacation or longer hours for writing, they’re eager to develop that protagonist they’ve been forming in their head for months, finesse their language, or enhance their book’s big vision.

But then, reality kicks in. Writing is darn hard work!

Whatever stage you’re in, this Writer’s Block First-Aid Kit aims to help you push past those hurdles. Below, find tips on common writing frustrations.

For the “A.D.D. Writer”:

Find yourself going off in all kinds of directions in your writing? It may be that you haven’t tapped into your own brilliance just yet.

For the “Procrastinating Writer”:

Is putting off work your writing vice? Maybe you need to adopt a wacky writing habit from an author you admire.

For the “Self-Doubting Writer”:

Do you feel like you may not have “the right stuff” to write something worth reading? That kind of negative thinking is enough to derail your dream — but it shouldn’t. Here’s how to Banish Limiting Beliefs and move forward toward the success you deserve.

For the “Workhorse Writer”:

Feel guilty every time you do something else instead of writing, or feel like you should be writing 24/7? Thankfully, there are many ways that non-writing activities can fuel your creative mind. Here are some of my favorite methods.

For the “Busy Writer”:

Feel that you need to just get away to really focus on your work? Writing Retreats are fabulous sources of inspiration, education and motivation. Here, 3 Reasons Why Serious Writers Should Retreat. So many of my authors have walked away wondering why they didn’t get away from the get-go.

What are your favorite ways to beat writer’s block? Let us know your tried-and-true tips in the comments section below.

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