Speaking with Dr. Jane N. Geiger

Dr. Jane N. Geiger is a renowned counselor who for two decades has coached thousands of men and women, including CEO’s & CFO’s. She has created a non-profit organization, The Writer’s Cup of Grace and is the author of the Gracious Path branded series of self-help books. The books — at this writing there are three in the series, with more planned — are designed as “a stack of one-pagers” in the author’s words.

How did you come up with the unusual format for your book series?

I modeled the format after the ministry model I have employed for 20 years in the daily practice of counseling — writing short notes for my clients during their session. Most of my clients do not have an abundance of leisure time for reading great literature. They are living full lives, often overworked, and some are caring for children and parents while working long hours. I serve a clientele of smart people who need quick help.

Out of respect for their valuable time and a commitment to meet the need, the books in this series are written in a format which serves the reader — short one-pagers, two-pagers, and accompanying journal pages — accommodating both the left brain thinker and the right brain feeler types. The reader can consume a substantial message in a short amount of time. And, as we are a ministry-based writing effort, we encourage the reader to copy anything useful in the books, and email them around the globe. We can all share and grow this way. The series writing is consumer-driven, globally-minded, and intentionally gracious to all. [Diane’s note: if you do copy anything from the book, just be sure to give the author credit!]

What was the biggest challenge in writing to this format?

The biggest challenge was balancing the art of reaching both the left-brainers and the right-brainers, delving deeply into an issue while seeking to buoy back up at the end of a piece or a chapter. All three of the books promote insight, growth, and overcoming challenges. We all process challenges uniquely. I know I have done a decent job when I get good feedback from technical engineers and software developers, as well as artists, writers and counselors. That’s our ministry goal — to be as helpful as possible to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

So far, your books include Moving Past Money Pain, Respectful Relating, and Handling Difficult Holidays. What’s next in the series?

I am currently considering several topics for the 4th book —overcoming grief, divorcing with dignity, or, possibly a second book addressing money pain and career change. The economic recession and the Gulf oil tragedy, with all of its cumulative losses, are driving people to an even deeper level of pain and sadness. I live in Alabama, and our losses are mounting. Recently, a Gulf boat captain at the height of his career killed himself, leaving behind a wife and children. Our ministry goal is to help prevent that kind of hopelessness from becoming epidemic.

If you’d like to order any of the books in the Gracious Path Series, please go to The Writer’s Cup of Grace.

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