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Diane O’Connell knows how to put any author’s work on the map. With 25+ years of publishing experience, Diane knows the publishing world — from the inside out.

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First-Time Authors

First Time Authors

Uncover your book’s hidden potential. Transform a book that’s “nearly there” to one that will have publishers competing for it.

Whether you’re writing a novel … a memoir … or a career-defining non-fiction book, Diane will help you reach your full potential as an author.

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Writer’s Retreat

The Kemble Inn

Writer’s—get away from your day-to-day and focus exclusively on writing your book in a small group setting, guided by industry expert Diane O’Connell.

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Clients say…


Diane O’Connell has served as my trusted editor and wise teacher as this book went from raw manuscript into book form.

– Nate Garvis, Naked CivicsContinue reading

I have worked with many editors, but no one gets your idea or manuscript in shape and ready to be scooped up by a publisher as well as Diane can.

– Parenting author Susan Newman, PhD — Continue reading

Not only did Diane help me with the proposal that sold my book, she found me a wonderful agent!

– Lucinda D. Schroeder, A Hunt for JusticeContinue reading

I can state categorically that my first novel would never have been published without Diane.

– Bestselling author Cody McFadyen — Continue reading

Diane’s comprehensive analysis and insightful suggestions helped take my writing career to the next level. As a result of her help, I was able to get better publishing contracts.

– Bestselling author Michael S. Broder, PhD — Continue reading

The Novel Maker’s Handbook

Novel-Makers-Book-Cover“O’Connell’s process for structuring a story will save you years of floundering.”

—Kristin von Kriesler, bestselling author
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Get the help you need through every stage of the writing and publishing process — from concept to completed book.


Abandoned NovelLearn what agents and publishers respond to and discover how to unearth your full potential as a writer.


My Life in LoubiesGet your book to the marketplace without worrying about a thing. All the details, big and small, will be taken care of.